Vicini D’Istanti

Vicini D’Istanti is an artisanal atelier that designs and produces fashion, accessories and home decor in Bologna, Italy. As they explain in their website, they are actively involved in the social and cultural life of the city. They co-organize events (from wedding parties to dinners and ethnic aperitifs), offer internships and creative workshops, and promote conferences on ethical fashion, among other activities. What distinguishes them is their multicultural approach to fashion. The atelier, co-founded by Maddalena Papini, has hired several migrant citizens, who are the artisanal heart of the sartorial atelier, Mamadou Camara and Hamadi Diallo, while Victor Reginald Bob Abbey-Hart is the designer. Three groups of students have worked on Vicini D’Istanti as their case study for Dickinson Wears Prada:

All the projects are available on the Students’ Projects link on the right column.

I nostri sentiti ringraziamenti a Maddalena Papini, Victor Reginald Bob Abbey-Hart, Alexandra Ceretta e a tutti gli impiegati e le impiegate di Vicini D’Istanti, per la loro generosa collaborazione e il materiale fornito. Grazie a Elena Giulia Dall’Acqua per le interviste e le traduzioni.

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