History 204, “Introduction to Historical Methods,” with Professor Matthew Pinsker, meets at Dickinson College during spring 2023 on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 1030am in Denny 211.  Course texts include Zachary M. Schrag, The Princeton Guide to Historical Research (2021) and and various articles and digital resources such as the new Dickinson & Slavery exhibit.  Students in this methods seminar will undertake a number of research, writing and multi-media presentation assignments in order to begin to master the range of skills essential to becoming a historian.


Banner image (above):  Family and friends of Dickinson College president Herman Johnson gathered in front of East College sometime in the 1860s.  This is one of the oldest known photographs taken on the campus, probably around 1861.  The image has been colorized in 2023 using artificial intelligence (AI) software with some manual refinements.  To find out more about the family, especially Mary Johnson Dillon (the young girl seated in white dress and hat, center), who later wrote a famous novel about the college’s experiences during the Civil War (In Old Bellaire), see the website project Mary Dillon’s Carlisle from Rachel Morgan, ’18.