Occupation & Woman Order (May 15, 1862)


1862 –Occupiers or Liberators?

Andrew JohnsonBenjamin Butler






Andrew Johnson (left) and Benjamin Butler (right)


Second Bull Run (August 30-31, 1862)

I have come to you from the West, where we have always seen the backs of our enemies.  Success and glory are in the advance, disaster and shame lurk in the rear. –Gen. John Pope, July 14, 1862

Well, John we are whipped again, I am afraid.  The enemy reinforced on Pope and drove back his left wing and he has retired to Centerville where he says he will be able to hold his men.  I don’t like that expression.  I don’t like to hear him admit that his men need holding…We must hurt this enemy before it gets away. –Abraham Lincoln, September 1, 1862

We must use what tools we have. –Lincoln on McClellan’s return to active field command, September 5, 1862

Antietam and Combat (September 17, 1862)

Video by David Gillespie (Dickinson College)

New York Times, October 20, 1862 (video by Kaleigh McNellis, Dickinson College)


NYT 10-20-1862