Political Divisions in 1864

Whatever happened to the 1860 parties and their candidates?

1860 results

Discussion Questions

  • How were Republicans divided in 1864?
  • How were Northern Democrats divided in 1864?
  • How were Confederates divided over the 1864 elections?

Anna Dickinson

“We must elevate the blacks, or the whites will sink.” –Anna Dickinson, 1864



“The Union must be preserved at all hazards.” –George McClellan, 1864

Davis“Would you see the fair daughters of the land given over to the brutality of the Yankees?” –Jefferson Davis, 1864



The Meaning of Sherman’s March(es)

“We don’t want your negroes or your horses, or your houses or your Lands, or any thing you have, but we do want and will have a just obedience to the Law of the United States.” (Quoted in Varon, p. 358)


Discussion Question

  • Historian Mark Neely argues below that Sherman’s marches in 1864 and 1865 did not truly constitute “total war” in the modern sense.  If that’s true, then what was unprecedented about Sherman’s military campaigns in Georgia and the Carolinas?