Peninsula Campaign (March – July, 1862)


Second Confiscation Act (July 1862)

July 22, 1862

Francis Carpenter, “First Reading of Emancipation Proclamation, [July 22, 1862]” (1864)

“Went to Cabinet at the appointed hour. It was unanimously agreed that the Order in respect to Colonization should be dropped; and the others were adopted unanimously, except that I wished North Carolina included among the States named in the first order. The question of arming slaves was then brought up and I advocated it warmly. The President was unwilling to adopt this measure, but proposed to issue a Proclamation, on the basis of the Confiscation Bill, calling upon the States to return to their allegiance — warning the rebels the provisions of the Act would have full force at the expiration of sixty days — adding, on his own part, a declaration of his intention to renew, at the next session of Congress, his recommendation of compensation to States adopting the gradual abolishment of slavery — and proclaiming the emancipation of all slaves within States remaining in insurrection on the first of January, 1863.”–Diary of Salmon P. Chase, Secretary of Treasury, Tuesday, July 22, 1862

Greeley & Lincoln