In my research for this week, I attempted to find the eulogy McKim gave at John Brown’s funeral. While I have yet to find the eulogy itself, I did find some sources that quoted it. I searched through Dickinson College’s Jumpstart with keywords like “McKim,” “John Brown,” “funeral,” and “eulogy.” When that returned no helpful results, I went to Google Scholar and searched with variations of those keywords. Based on that search, I found two newspaper articles that discussed the funeral and a secondary source that quoted from his eulogy.


By searching through the New York Daily Tribune archives database, I found a transcript of McKim’s speech. While the article does not say what McKim said word for word, it provides a detailed summary of McKim’s eulogy. I found the December 12, 1859 article by searching for “McKim” and narrowing the date from December 2, 1859 to December 31, 1859. I only had a few results, so I searched through them individually until I found this article.