Grades 2-3

1) Choosing a Roman name – My name is _____ (Nomen mini est) – Salve!/ Salvete! – How are you? (quid agis?) and responses (optime!/ bene!/ haud male!/ male! And pessime!) – Vale!/Valete! /Give the students time to decorate their Latin Club notebook.

2) Tell the students the story of the creation of the world – show them a video of the creation myth (there are several on YouTube) – create an art project by taking a piece of black construction paper to represent Chaos, have the students draw the things that come from Chaos, have the students cut those things out, and glue them to Chaos.

3) The Roman Empire: Provinces. Teach the students 15 different provinces in the Roman Empire. Teach the students the expression “Ubi est ____?” and have them point to the places on a map. I can provide you with blank maps of the Roman Empire, if you would like to have the students label and color the maps.

4) Teach the students about the Hecatonchires and the Titans, and the birth of Jupiter.

5) Teach the students how to count from numbers 1-20.

6) Teach the students about certain love myths:  choose from: Apollo and Daphne, Echo and Narcissus, Pygmalion, Pyramus and Thisbe, Io, Baucis and Philemon, Cupid and Psyche and Europa.

7) Teach the students the phrase “Io, Lupercalia!” and other Valentine’s Day type Latin quotes and have them make Valentine’s cards for their parents or siblings.

8) Teach the students about the 12 Olympian Gods: Jupiter, Juno, Neptune, Apollo, Diana, Minerva, Mars, Vulcan, Venus, Mercury, Vesta, and Ceres.

9) Teach the students about Roman numerals and have them practice adding and subtracting Roman numerals.

10) Teach the students about other gods: Pluto, Persephone, Bacchus, Cupid, the four winds, Sol, Somnus, the muses, Nemesis, Pan, Selene, Janus, Morpheus, Aurora, and the fates.

11) Teach the days of the week and months of the year in Latin. Have the students make a calendar page for the current month.

12) Teach the students about the Creation of Man (Prometheus), the creation of woman (Pandora) and the flood (Pyrrha and Deucalion).

13) Teach the students about parts of the classroom. Make cards with various classroom object names on them, and have the students label the classroom. Hold up a picture of a classroom object, and have the students tell you what the object is called.

14) Teach the students about hubris. Discuss hubris in myth: choose from: Arachne, Atalanta, Midas, Bellerophon, Icarus and Phaeton.

15) Teach the students adjectives that they can use to describe themselves. Have the students write sentences using the Latin expressions “sum,” and “non sum.” Put pictures up around the room and have the students describe the pictures using their adjectives.

16) Teach the students about the underworld. Tell the students the myth of Orpheus and Eurydice. Teach the students about divine punishment and Tartarus. Tell them about the fates of Ixion, Sisyphus and Tantalus.

17) Teach the students how to form singular and plural command forms. Play “Simonus Dicit” with the students to get them understanding the commands. Then have students be take turns being Simonus and giving commands to their classmates.

Special Events:

  • Saturnalia Celebration
  • “Hercules” Showing
  • Lecture on Greek and Roman Heroes
  • Planetarium Show
  • Olympic Games for Parents’ Day


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