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Lesson Plan Template Latin Club

Latin Phrases and Abbreviations Commonly Used in English

Latin Names

Activitates Pro Liberis ( combination of art, culture, history, Latin, Greek, games etc. Also the materials cover a wide range of ages (about 1st-5th), so can pick and choose what works for your students. Tons of already prepared worksheets, picture cards, games. Invaluable.

Aequora Exploratory Latin at the Paideia Institute

Latin is FunJohn Traupman,  Great pictures and cartoons, great intro to grammar, grouped into topics like family, school, etc. The grammar can get challenging – It would work better for 5th than 3rd.

First Latin, Marion Polski.  Combo of history/culture and very basic grammar and vocab and derivatives.

Excellence Through Classics materials and the Exploratory Latin Exam.

Tres Coumnae Latin stories by Justin Schwamm, designed to be engaging and interesting for upper-elementary-aged  children

Charleston Latin by Frank Morris, and elementary school curriculum.

The Big Book of Lively Latin, by Catherine Drown, an elementary school Latin curriculum.

Latin Memory Songs (Rainbow Resource Center)

Latin Alphabet Songs (Latinteach)

Pronouns and Question Words David Pellegrino’s Latin mnemonics songs (Latinteach)

Latin songs and videos on

Latin in Harry Potter (Magistra G.)

Latin Songs (Magistra G.)

Animals in Latin (Magistra G.) with pictures

The Iris Project Annual.  60 page glossy magazine, with full colour throughout. It features several articles by expert classicists as well as pieces on The Iris Project’s work in schools, other outreach initiatives, a mix of light pieces, competitions, news, reviews, games and lesson ideas.





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