better parenting needed

Boy meets Boy and Luna are very different novels. However, an unexpected similarity is that both novels’ have characters that are members of the LGBTQ community. Taking into account the similarities and differences allows me to make a conclusion about parenting. I think that parents do not realize how much they have an influence on the self-esteem and mental well being of their children. I think that if parents really want to help their children, sometimes they have to make necessary changes.

Boy Meets Boy is a story that mainly takes place in a Utopian town that accepts people who break gender and sexuality norms. With having main character be a LGBTQ indivdual who does not have to deal with the struggle of being gay, it can be argued that this story marginalizes the reality of pain, struggle and unacceptance that many LGBTQ community members experience. On the other hand Luna takes place in a realistic setting where Luna lives in a society that does not accept and marginalize people who break gender norms.

However, I argue that Tony, in Boy Meets Boy, and Luna have stories that play out similarly. Tony is ostracized and marginalized in his highly religious family and town because of his sexuality. Luna lives in a family with a dad that wants Luna to be the “perfect son.” However, his dad cannot even begin to have a conversation about the fact that Luna is different. I argue that these two novels present a similar theme of the need for a new kind of parenting.

While parents only want the best for their children, often times they do plenty more damage than they think. Parents like those of Luna and Tony believe that they are only protecting their children and teaching them what is “right.” However, they do not understand that the domination and suppression of someone’s true identity, leads to an unstable mental health and depression. I understand that some parents grew up a certain way and parents naturally use those similar parenting habits on their children. However, I think that good parenting involves being in tune and really listening to what the child wants. This way children of all ages, will be able to have the freedom to explore who they truly are, their identity, and self-expression–all with the support of their parents. For someone to be able to build a solid foundation and understanding of who they are, they need to learn that their individuality is important, that they have self-love, and that they have the support of their family. It is important for parents to make changes for the needs of their children because they have the power to change the cycle of self-hate and depression that many people who are LGBTQ face when they grow up in a family that does not support them or even accept who they are. Parenting that does focus on the need of their children will help reduce the number of LGBTQ individuals who end up homeless, depressed, and sadly ending their lives. While better parenting does not protect against all the dangers of society, it definitely will have a better and positive impact on LGTBQ individuals who already are facing other struggles in their lives.