Discussion Questions

How does Lorde describe the erotic?

Lorde specifically addresses women in her essay.  Do you think there are significant differences in how groups of people experience the erotic in their lives?

Are we all (woman-identified or not) capable of experiencing the erotic in our lives?

Where do you see the concept of the erotic on our other reading? (Interview with Dennis, and essay by Jesse Monteagudo)


Welcome to LGBTQ Literature in the US, fall 2016

Please fill out the following information on your index cards:

  1. Name
  2. Preferred personal pronouns (she/her; he/him; they/theirs; or other)
  3. Class year
  4. Email and phone #
  5. Hometown
  6. One interesting fact to help me get to know you
  7. On the BACK side and to share with the class—If you were going assign a text to our class this semester, what would you assign?  In other words, given the title of our class what would you want to read/watch/listen to?