Reuty Reutershan (Class of 1976)

Phil was more than just one of the best professors a young person could ever hope to have due to the fact that he became a close friend/confidant to all his students as we all matured towards that final graduation ceremony. He was like a proud father, shedding a slight tear, embracing us for the last time as we were leaving his comfortable womb– known as the Classics Department–entering the real world at the ripe age of 22. Phil spent countless hours making sure all his students had a job after we left campus. He did this because he had a deep love for all his classics majors! Without his assistance I would never have been able to start my teaching career which began at Fryeburg Academy. I am in my 35th year of teaching Latin. I can truly say that I have had a good life doing what I love and I owe it all to the 3 gentlemen who molded me into the educator I am today: Drs. Lockhart, Sider, & Fitts. I call these men my ‘classical holy trinity’. The beauty of this whole picture is that they all had different teaching styles which I have incorporated into my classroom on a daily basis over all these years. I just hope that I have been able to influence some of my students as Dr. Lockhart impacted me. A part of my inner soul felt as if it had died the day I read the note from President Duren. Until we meet again someday in the near future, Dr. Lockhart, please know that you will always be loved and cherished by the thousands of students you educated over the decades.

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