Eric Bedell, Class of 1979

Thank you for your e-mail regarding Phil’s passing. [Oh, and how long after graduation that it took me to refer to him as ‘Phil,’ as opposed to’ Dr. Lockhart/Professor Lockhart.’]

Phil was my advisor. He, along with Bob Sider and Leon Fitts (truly the ‘triumvirate’ of the Department of Classical Studies — likely never to be surpassed), hold a special place in my life. Phil is one of the most important mentors to have helped shape who I am today.

He was inspirational, encouraging and engaging. I recall his dry and nuanced humor — often accompanied by a glint in his eye and a mischievous grin.

My thoughts are with the Dickinson Family, as well as Phil’s — Betty, Bruce and Betsy. Phil was — and will continue to be — cherished by so many people whom he touched in his years of teaching and service.

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