Everyone has their own personal demise to deal with. You wake up everyday and struggle with your situation. But we don’t know what tomorrow has prepared for us all. As unpredictable as tomorrow is we should all prepare. I’m a 62 year old man who had a busy life like you lot but now here I’m crumbled in bed due to the illness I have.

You would think as an American citizen your health insurance isn’t something to worry about ,well take it from someone who once thought the same but got disproved. Above 40% of the peoples living in America are between the age of 50 and suffering  from chronicle illness. What does this indicate, with no guaranteed health insurance 40% of the population is at risk. Like all the worries keeping you at night this should also be one of your worries, because one day god forbid you may fall in that 40% category or your loved ones might.

I’ve applied for long-term health care insurance five time and gotten rejected all five times due to a pre-existing condition and this includes two rejects from AARP. Here I’m everyday fighting for my survival and raising awareness.

Citizen of America don’t blow off health care reform because everyday we are all coming to that critical period of time or our loved once are. Think about others and your future before you blow off health care reform.