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The COP26 conference

The glassgow conference is a very important event that every one should know about. I didn’t know this thing existed until professor brought it up and this shouldn’t be the case everyone should be informed about it. So for this weeks blog we were instructed to write about something we found interesting about the COP26 conference. When I looked it up I read about all the interesting things and the conflicts between some of the countries and also that in about two weeks the conference should come to an agreement which in my opinion they aren’t united enough to come to a common ground. Of all the articles I read I noticed that only a few peoples are involved in this event I believe that they should bring it out to the world and raise awareness so that every single person has a voice to it. So what I found to be the most interesting is that some of the influential figures will be showing up to the event which will raise awareness and address the problem as deserved.

Nuclear Charge

The different source I’ve read about nuclear energy indicates that it’s really expensive. It also explains that the energy obtained from a nuclear charge has a low carbon emission which is what we need for our environment at these hectic time. In definition a nuclear energy is the energy released when the nucleus of an atom is broken in the process of nuclear fission. These nuclear fission is controlled by a series of machine called nuclear reactor power plant. The fuel used in the reactor is pellets of the element uranium. The uranium in the reactor is forced to break apart on the process releasing the fission product. The fission starts the chain reaction which creates heat. The heat then warms up the cooling agent, since it’s an exothermic reaction it releases steam. Thus these released steam is what turns the turbine or drives the generator that creates electricity(nuclear energy).

Media Bias: CNN

Growing up I hated watching news. My dad always pulls it up whenever my favorite TV show comes up so I had a rough patch for it. But if I ever had to choose like now ,for college, I would pick CNN. That was the only one I would slightly tolerate, I kind of had fun watching it but I would never say this out loud in front of my dad. The way they presented their news encouraged me to actually try and listen about things happening all around the world. I liked the way they outlined their presentation always made me want to listen more. I also admired the interviews they made traveling across the world. So I did some research and it indicated that CNN was mostly analysis or mix of fact reporting and analysis. The overall reliability was stated to be 46.8. And it skews left slightly. What I found surprising was that it had an opinionated content ,to be honest I didn’t expect that but coming to think about it every news which presented political affairs at some point will have an opinionated content since they had to choose a side to view it in their own perspective.

My neutral point of view

Taking the neutral side of the team might sound a little selfish in some peoples perspective but looking at it generally I would still be on the neutral side. The gasoline rate is of course increasing tremendously but there are somethings you just can’t let go. We consider food, clothing and housing as basic needs but in some peoples case from a specific area cars might fall in the same category as the basic needs. Peoples in the rural area are subjected to travel to a long distance to get to work, school ,markets and more importantly hospitals. So we can’t just come up with the idea of reducing gasoline and work on it. There are peoples who can afford getting an electric car and they should get one for the environmental safety sake. And there are also peoples who wouldn’t need to get a car in general and those peoples shouldn’t get one or just use bike for the environmental sake again. But the peoples who can’t go on with their life without a car shouldn’t be forced to let it go. We should work on the common good instead of directing the claim on gasoline reduction. There are plenty of factors affecting the natural resources and the environment so we should work on reducing things which are categorized luxury and not basic needs. And hopefully in the future there will come a solution for the gasoline run out. But right now we can’t afford cutting down the usage of cars,

letter set #1 Rewritten

Everyone has their own personal demise to deal with. You wake up everyday and struggle with your situation. But we don’t know what tomorrow has prepared for us all. As unpredictable as tomorrow is we should all prepare. I’m a 62 year old man who had a busy life like you lot but now here I’m crumbled in bed due to the illness I have.

You would think as an American citizen your health insurance isn’t something to worry about ,well take it from someone who once thought the same but got disproved. Above 40% of the peoples living in America are between the age of 50 and suffering  from chronicle illness. What does this indicate, with no guaranteed health insurance 40% of the population is at risk. Like all the worries keeping you at night this should also be one of your worries, because one day god forbid you may fall in that 40% category or your loved ones might.

I’ve applied for long-term health care insurance five time and gotten rejected all five times due to a pre-existing condition and this includes two rejects from AARP. Here I’m everyday fighting for my survival and raising awareness.

Citizen of America don’t blow off health care reform because everyday we are all coming to that critical period of time or our loved once are. Think about others and your future before you blow off health care reform.