Growing up I hated watching news. My dad always pulls it up whenever my favorite TV show comes up so I had a rough patch for it. But if I ever had to choose like now ,for college, I would pick CNN. That was the only one I would slightly tolerate, I kind of had fun watching it but I would never say this out loud in front of my dad. The way they presented their news encouraged me to actually try and listen about things happening all around the world. I liked the way they outlined their presentation always made me want to listen more. I also admired the interviews they made traveling across the world. So I did some research and it indicated that CNN was mostly analysis or mix of fact reporting and analysis. The overall reliability was stated to be 46.8. And it skews left slightly. What I found surprising was that it had an opinionated content ,to be honest I didn’t expect that but coming to think about it every news which presented political affairs at some point will have an opinionated content since they had to choose a side to view it in their own perspective.