Taking the neutral side of the team might sound a little selfish in some peoples perspective but looking at it generally I would still be on the neutral side. The gasoline rate is of course increasing tremendously but there are somethings you just can’t let go. We consider food, clothing and housing as basic needs but in some peoples case from a specific area cars might fall in the same category as the basic needs. Peoples in the rural area are subjected to travel to a long distance to get to work, school ,markets and more importantly hospitals. So we can’t just come up with the idea of reducing gasoline and work on it. There are peoples who can afford getting an electric car and they should get one for the environmental safety sake. And there are also peoples who wouldn’t need to get a car in general and those peoples shouldn’t get one or just use bike for the environmental sake again. But the peoples who can’t go on with their life without a car shouldn’t be forced to let it go. We should work on the common good instead of directing the claim on gasoline reduction. There are plenty of factors affecting the natural resources and the environment so we should work on reducing things which are categorized luxury and not basic needs. And hopefully in the future there will come a solution for the gasoline run out. But right now we can’t afford cutting down the usage of cars,