Personally, I don’t know too much about nuclear energy. I think the idea is good, but I would have to know more. After doing a bit of research, I found that while nuclear energy is renewable itself, some materials used in nuclear power plants are nonrenewable. Uranium is the main material in nuclear energy plants that is unsustainable. One of the downsides of Uranium is that it can become highly radioactive and hazardous to human health. In addition, nuclear power plants are quite costly, and they can cause major damage if a meltdown occurs (Chernobyl). These things make nuclear power plants a risky option. Overall, I think that keeping people away from using fossil fuels will be difficult. While fossil fuels are convenient and plentiful, we can’t rely on them due to their effects on the climate. Not enough people are aware of the environmental impacts that will come as a result of this. Nuclear power is one potential alternative to the issue of nuclear power. There would need to be other ways in which nuclear energy could be used that don’t require Uranium or other harmful resources.