Through my current understanding, I believe that nuclear power is an underrated clean and sustainable source of energy. Nuclear energy doesn’t produce any carbon emissions, making it a viable sustainable source. However, many accidents have happened in the past that put a negative spotlight on nuclear energy, and for good reason, as they have been disastrous events. Many people are quick to condemn nuclear energy and cite these events, but what is overlooked most of the time is that they are a result of human error. With industries converting to autonomous work and cutting down on workers, it would also eliminate human error in operation. Nuclear power plant jobs involve many people doing specific roles, and this can easily be adapted to robotic machines fulfilling human tasks with no chance of dangerous mistakes. I believe that nuclear energy is viable for the future because it’s an efficient power source that produces zero emissions. If the nuclear operations field is autonomized, it would allow for completely safe operation of plants and the manufacturing of nuclear energy.