The news source I chose was Vice. The reason I chose this was that in high school my Environmental Engineering teacher consistently referred to their articles when it came to learning about current environmental events and analyzing environmental issues. Hence, I wanted to have a better understanding of the possible reasons why my teacher specifically used Vice the most when it came to learning about environmental issues. When investigating the bias of Vice, I learned that they are principally focused on a progressive liberal perspective that’s left-centered. Likewise, I learned that they tend to have an anti-Trump tone interwoven within their news writing. This can be seen even after Trump was no longer president in one of their most recent articles called, Doctors Are Injecting Bleach to Treat COVID in Bolivia. Yet, overall they are ranked as “mostly factual” because when it came to Vice’s fact-checking that was a sector in which they failed, according to the media bias website. Further, when investigating more about Vice, I was surprised to learn that they were accused of sexual harassment and misconduct of their female employees. Assuming that Vice principally supports liberal causes, as it was highlighted on the media bias website, I recall in the past reading some of their articles that seemed to have disapproved of the issue of sexual harassment and misconduct of women in the workplace. However, for this to be happening in their offices astonishes me as I thought these would be issues they would try to prevent in their own workplaces.