Besides some commitments made till this point, one thing that I am particularly interested about the COP26 conference is its menu option which bears some critics, while the COP26 main website assumed its menu to be sustainable. In these recent days, many environmentalists mocked the COP26 menu for containing lots of meat, dairy, and fish options when it is a climate summit event. The campaign group Animal Rebellion even said that this was like “serving cigarettes at a lung cancer conference”. In fact, animal consumption is also one of the biggest contributors to climate change, which is even equal to the energy issues, and COP26 organizers certainly acknowledge this and even put the carbon footprint beside each dish. However, the question is why there are still many meat options. Or does the COP26 have any intention by doing that? On the other aspect, to Washington Post, “Ana Maria Kleymeyer, a climate lawyer who has been to every COP since 2006, said that there are far more vegetarian options on the menu than ever before, and she couldn’t remember organizers ever before publicizing the carbon content of the food.” This might be the reason why COP26 announced its menu to be sustainable (as the UK organizers assumed that they had made some improvements compared to the previous years’ conferences). Despite this fact, a confirmation from COP26 organizers is needed. For the considerable amount of emission from agriculture, humans should take it into consideration as seriously as the energy problems.