After researching COP26 and the events that have preceded these past several days, one thing that I found notably interesting is how Mohammed Barkindo, the secretary general of oil producer OPEC, said that the conference was “definitely a wake-up call.” I think it’s interesting how even though the effects of climate change and global warming have been on the rise for a long time now, there are still those who don’t even consider the great dangers that will come with these crises. Barkindo being an important figure will definitely have a positive affect or at least draw some more attention to these issues after he stated that something needs to be done. If something isn’t done in the next few years, and if the global temperature increases past 1.5 degrees Celsius, the Earth will be almost unrecognizable in ways we can’t yet comprehend, as things like natural disasters, coastal flooding, and the dying/endangerment of many species will occur much more frequently. Barkindo continued to address the Paris agreement and it’s significance to help maintain our current global conditions, and I think that if some change is made in the future (must be immediate and on a large scale), then we can not only successfully approach the issue of climate change, but also make the issue well-known to all and hopefully even stop it in it’s tracks.