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The main thing I find interesting at COP26 is the demonstrations being performed by the young activists at the event. While the politicians boast about how they are committed to preventing the temperature to go above 2 degrees Celsius, they continue to do the bare minimum to keep a good image.  They are choosing their own self needs over the state of the world and are letting it go up in flames.  These young activists, the most notorious being Greta Thunberg, are trying their best to bring awareness towards the true severity of the issue at hand and that the politicians must stop delaying their actions and fully commit.  At COP26, these activists are constantly hovering around the site, attempting to get the attention of those with the power to make change.  Despite strict security keeping them away from the actual scene and delegates of COP26, they have still made their voices heard.

Nuclear Energy

I believe that nuclear energy, just like many other energies, can be vastly improved in efficiency and sustainability.  Nuclear energy is already very efficient, but if we are to improve it even further, it will decrease the negatives of the source of energy.  The uranium used in nuclear power plants are not renewable and will eventually run out in the future.  The uranium also creates byproducts after its use which are not particularly good for the environment.  The main concern regarding nuclear energy is the risk involved in maintaining the power plant as nuclear plants can become very unstable if something is to go wrong.  Nuclear meltdowns have been and continue to be fears among the public as there has been multiple nuclear disasters throughout history, with the most famous being Chernobyl.  There have also been many scares such as the Three Mile Island nuclear reactor when it partially melted down in the 1980s and caused concerns throughout the nation.  These occurrences have led to wide-spread fear of these plants as the risk involved can be massive and felt throughout hundreds of miles.

Reuters Bias

I decided to investigate Reuters as I used to use it often for my current event assignments back in high school.  Reuters has a bias rating of -1.57, meaning that it has little bias to the left, but still a very solid pick for an unbiased source.  Reuters also has a reliability rating of 48.85 that informs us that they offer almost only facts on their platform.  This does not surprise me as I have always viewed Reuters as a solid choice to find out information while not having to worry about any misinformation through any bias.  The slight lean towards the left may raise concerns for some viewers, but the platform is nearly completely unbiased overall.  You always have to go in with a mindset that what you may be presented with may not always fit what you want and you should take it in with an open mind.


The gasoline topic has been and will continue to be a problem in the automobile industry for the foreseeable future.  Despite appearing to be a clear decision to cut off fossil fuel energy sources for cars, the approach to this is not yet ideal and most likely won’t be for a long time.  That is why I am neutral on the touchy matter as while we all wish for the goal to be completely run by renewable energy, we are no where near that point and won’t be for many decades.  The goals being set during these times aren’t just “ambitious,” they’re unreasonable.  We are not able to cut back our uses of fossil fuels to the insane amounts that is being requested of us.  Like it or not, we will continue to use fossil fuels until we find a more complete, and ideal system that will work in the automobile industry and other fields of our lives.  While we can use more renewable energy in some cases, we must still use fossil fuels in the great majority as it is the most efficient, ideal, cheap, and logical approach to the matter.  We cannot just carelessly call it quits on fossil fuels at a scale this large, but we must take it through small increments over the span of many years.

Letter Set #1 Rewrite

It is so easy to blow off health care reform if you are healthy.  But countless others and I stare at our inevitable demise as we feel left to die.

I am 62 and every day I grow weaker.  I have congenital myasthenia gravis syndrome and there is no cure.  I choke often and I cannot get up without help if I fall.  I cannot climb stairs at all.  I cry internally as I am left to slowly deteriorate exteriorly as people turn their backs on me.

But I want to remain as independent as possible for as long as possible and so does everyone else who shares this burden with me.  An estimated 40% of the United States population has a chronic disease, so why are we being abandoned?

I believe that it is our right as American citizens that have done what we could for our world to have a chance to survive, to live.  I have applied for long-term health care insurance five times and have been shut down five times.  Even the people at AARP, whose sole purpose is to help people over fifty years old live our lives as we see fit, shut me and countless others down.

Please, people of Pennsylvania, think about me and the millions of others that are and will be fighting this battle against our fatal diseases.  We cannot win this downhill battle without your genuine support.



So far today I went to both my classes in the morning and had breakfast beforehand.  I also finally finished getting all the books for my courses.