I believe that nuclear energy, just like many other energies, can be vastly improved in efficiency and sustainability.  Nuclear energy is already very efficient, but if we are to improve it even further, it will decrease the negatives of the source of energy.  The uranium used in nuclear power plants are not renewable and will eventually run out in the future.  The uranium also creates byproducts after its use which are not particularly good for the environment.  The main concern regarding nuclear energy is the risk involved in maintaining the power plant as nuclear plants can become very unstable if something is to go wrong.  Nuclear meltdowns have been and continue to be fears among the public as there has been multiple nuclear disasters throughout history, with the most famous being Chernobyl.  There have also been many scares such as the Three Mile Island nuclear reactor when it partially melted down in the 1980s and caused concerns throughout the nation.  These occurrences have led to wide-spread fear of these plants as the risk involved can be massive and felt throughout hundreds of miles.