Who Are We?

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Rebecca Feldman



My name is Becca Feldman and I am a sophomore from Newton, MA, right outside of Boston. I am a Sociology major, with a minor in Spanish. I was interested in the mosaic program because I love to travel and learn about different people and new cultures. On campus I organize an after school program for ESL students, who are mostly second generation immigrants, so I was also interested in learning more about immigration and immigrant integration. I am excited that I will be returning to Málaga in the fall to study there for the semester and hopefully continuing to look at these issues!


Sarah Goslin


I’m Sarah, a sophomore Sociology Major. I was raised in Mexico City, Mexico. On campus I play Women’s Club Soccer and volunteer at the Handlebar, a student-run bike shop. I am particularly interested in learning about languages and the evolution of languages and identity among immigrants in their host country. I am greatly looking forward to returning to Toulouse, France where I will be studying abroad next year. In Toulouse, I hope to continue the research we began through the contacts we established while abroad.






Annabelle Gould



I am Annabelle Gould, a Junior Women’s & Gender Studies Major. I am also minoring in Art History and enjoyed getting the opportunity to visit some of the best European Art museums while on the Mosaic, such as the Picasso Museum in Malaga and the Musée des Augustins in Toulouse. I enjoyed experiencing three unique cultures during our trip and hearing the stories of extremely inspirational people. I grew up on a Horse Farm in Charlottesville, VA and this summer I am so excited to be working on a ranch in Wyoming.




Amy Lane




I’m Amy, a senior from Chicago and am double majoring in Sociology and Women’s and Gender Studies.  On Dickinson’s campus I am involved with Big Brother Big Sister and Alpha Phi Omega, the community service coed fraternity.  I was attracted to the mosaic because of the combined courses that required a multitude of skills.  The hands-on opportunity was a crucial part of the experience and I was able to learn so much from the different methods of gathering data.





Kathleen Lange

575244_392554867491996_42659964_nI’m Kathleen, a sophomore history and French major from New Zealand. The Mosaic’s mix of history and modern-day politics really drew me to it, as well as the opportunity to use my French in an outside of the classroom situation. Because of my focus on history, I am particularly interested in historical relations between Europe and North Africa, and how these affect the experiences of Maghrebis in France and Spain. Next year I am studying abroad in Toulouse, and I am looking forward to continuing my research on this topic while I am there.



Amber McGarvey


I am Amber McGarvey and I am a sophomore double major in History and Environmental Studies from Millstone, New Jersey. I am especially interested in examining how migration affects urban areas and I intend to enter the field of sustainable urban planning. I was attracted to the Mosaic program because I wanted to revisit the countries of Spain and France, which I visited on a high school trip, as well as explore an Arabic speaking country for the first time since I study Arabic language. At Dickinson I am a member of the Jive Turkeys Ultimate Frisbee team, an Eco-Rep in Adams Hall, and active in the Idea Fund. This summer I will be interning at the Alice Paul Institute, a non-profit established at the homestead of Alice Paul, suffragist and activist.




Claire Murphy


Hi my name is Claire Murphy and I am junior from Fairfield, Connecticut. I am a Sociology major, a Studio Art Minor and I am also receiving my Health Studies certificate. I was interested in participating in the Mosaic because I saw it as an opportunity to become truly immersed in the subject matter, of which I was very interested in. This program exceeded all my expectations and I would highly recommend participating in a Mosaic to anyone that is interested. You will learn more about the world and yourself than you could have ever guessed!






Orli Segal

orlisunglassesMy name is Orli Segal and I am a sophomore majoring in Sociology. I plan on receiving a Health Studies Certificate as well. I am from a suburb of New York City. Eventually, I would like to head to medical school but would love to do some more traveling before then. At Dickinson, I am involved with CommServ, Jive Turkeys, and Hillel. This summer, I will be working at a sleep-away summer camp. It’s hard to pinpoint one specific time or place that I enjoyed most about the Mosaic. Overall, experiencing different cultures and witnessing human communication and interaction specifically with language barriers was the most fascinating part of the trip for me!





Catherine Turvey



My name is Catherine Turvey and I am a sophomore sociology major with a special focus on Spanish and Latin America. I was raised in Madison, New Jersey, a town influenced by Colombian immigration. My background made me curious about Latin American immigration and made me especially interested in the Mediterranean Migrations Mosaic.





Fallon Winters

861742_10151490092870939_394042265_nMy name is Fallon and I am a junior sociology major. When I am not reading about Mediterranean Migrations, writing papers about France’s national identity, or engaging in class discussions pertaining to the effects of Spain’s economy on new immigrants, I usually try to get some sleep. I have a love of Moroccan slippers and mint tea, and can speak a little spanish too. The adventure I went on this term is truly a life-changing one as expected.





Xueyin Zha



I’m Zha, a First-year international student from Guangzhou, China. I am Double majoring in Sociology and History. I am interested in dancing, swimming, reading, writing and playing with my pet dog. I loved participating in the Mosaic because it gave me the opportunity to study abroad and conduct exciting research in my first year of college!






Prof. Borges

Prof. Rose

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