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Incorporating Religion into a Secular Life

On our very last Thursday in Spain, Claire and I had a chance to interview Mariam Idhammou Lassiane at the Asociacion Marroqui. Other than hearing about her work as an intern, Mariam had a surprisingly liberal perspective towards religion, which I … Continue reading

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Multiculturalism and the Mediterranean

I have always thought of multiculturalism as a positive word, but Spain is challenging my notion of how to address inequality. University of Malaga lecturer, Rafael Durán Munoz, explained the nuances of a multiculturalist, assimilationist and inter-culturalist approach. Though both … Continue reading

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Interview with Madame Redon in Moissac, France

By Annabelle Gould Upon meeting Madame Redon, the mother of the farmer we met in Moissac, we could tell that she was unlike the other interviewees whom we had a privilege to meet. During our first encounter, she would quip … Continue reading

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Hamam: Moroccan Bath House

Before traveling to Morocco, we were told that our shower accessibility would be limited. As someone who is not particularly adamant about showering regularly, in all honesty, I was excited to hear this news. On the first night with our … Continue reading

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Crossing the Border

On March 11th, it was time for our next transition on the trip – from Morocco to Spain. This journey, however, was much different from our prior transition from France to Morocco. This time, rather than hopping on a plane, … Continue reading

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Conversations with Sub-Saharan Migrants

By Amy Lane We were fortunate enough to have three subsaharan people talk to us in Rabat about their experiences after migrating.  Two men were from Cameroon and one woman was from Nigeria.  The first man to talk had the … Continue reading

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