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Visit to Incide in Malaga

On March 19, Carmen, who earlier led us on a thorough tour of “immigrant Malaga”  brought us to Incide Organization on our walk around the immigrant neighborhood near Place de la Merced. “Incide” stands for Inclusion, ciudanio diversidad, y education. … Continue reading

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“The Eyes” of Tetouan

As soon as we arrived in Tetuoan, I knew it was different than other Moroccan cities we had visited. But I couldn’t quite pinpoint what exactly cause the difference. Since Tetuoan is located in the far North of Morocco, near … Continue reading

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Catherine’s Thoughts in Tetuoan

    By Catherine Turvey We spent our last couple of days in Morocco in the city of Tetuoan. Karima Ouald and Amhed spoke with us about their NGO, the Asociación Marroquí para la Integración de los Inmigrantes, located in … Continue reading

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Reflections on Morocco

By Annabelle Gould “Why not go out on a limb? That’s where the fruit is.” – Mark Twain             During our time in Morocco we found ourselves spending plenty of time reflecting on our long … Continue reading

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Interview with Madame Redon in Moissac, France

By Annabelle Gould Upon meeting Madame Redon, the mother of the farmer we met in Moissac, we could tell that she was unlike the other interviewees whom we had a privilege to meet. During our first encounter, she would quip … Continue reading

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Conversations with Sub-Saharan Migrants

By Amy Lane We were fortunate enough to have three subsaharan people talk to us in Rabat about their experiences after migrating.  Two men were from Cameroon and one woman was from Nigeria.  The first man to talk had the … Continue reading

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Polish Workers in Moissac

During many of our interviews in France, many of the employers and even immigrants mentioned that France has recently seen a large number of Eastern European workers immigrating to France for work, especially in the agriculture sector. Even though Eastern … Continue reading

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Arnaud-Bernard neighborhood in Toulouse

By Fallon Winters On our second day in France we got an insiders look at the primarily immigrant neighborhood in Toulouse. Arnaud Bernard features Moroccan stores, cafes which serve delicious Moroccan Tea, and offers a generally different feel than the … Continue reading

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