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Incorporating Religion into a Secular Life

On our very last Thursday in Spain, Claire and I had a chance to interview Mariam Idhammou Lassiane at the Asociacion Marroqui. Other than hearing about her work as an intern, Mariam had a surprisingly liberal perspective towards religion, which I … Continue reading

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Hamam: Moroccan Bath House

Before traveling to Morocco, we were told that our shower accessibility would be limited. As someone who is not particularly adamant about showering regularly, in all honesty, I was excited to hear this news. On the first night with our … Continue reading

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Dr. Carole Michel

This morning, we met with Dr. Carole Michel. Dr. Michel is the chief doctor for French workers and also works with health insurance for farmers. Amongst the multiple statistics that were listed, it was interesting to hear France’s policies on … Continue reading

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