Water Diary

At 9:30 am 3/27 – Used water to brush teeth and to wash face (approx. 20 min)
At 2:23 pm 3/27 – Watering plants at home before class (approx. 5 min)
Used at 4:25 pm 3/27 – Needed water to wash makeup off of face after class (Approx 10 min)
At 5pm 3/27 – Bought water from DDen in HUB Underground
At 7:13pm 3/27 – FORCED to drink water by friends in Cafeteria, half a cup
Around 11pm 3/27 – Showered at home (Approx. 20-40 min)

When completing my water diary, I realised that my intake of water is significantly smaller than the average person around the world. Yes, it is crucial to drink water on a daily basis, but water has no absolute flavor. And when focusing on one of specialisations, Iran and their water consumption, we can how, “At present, Iran uses 83% of its total renewable fresh-water resources, whereas international norms suggest a ceiling of 40% to ensure environment sustainability and to meet the rising demand of a growing population.” Information like this shows how countries are using sustainable practices to propel forward in the right direction. Which is slowing the affects of climate change.

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Water Use in Iran

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