“Where I live; Where they Live”

I was born in the city of Baltimore, Maryland, located not too far from the nation’s capital, Washington DC. Growing up, I got to see both sides of the city. One side of Baltimore is seen as downtown Baltimore, which were most known for and most tourist are attracted to, then there is the other side of the city that I got to see community. Yes, the city itself has its flaws but this city taught me so much about what it meant to be resilient.

But in contrast with the city of Baltimore, Iran, has its differences. Iran, which is the official Islamic Republic of Iran, has its problems of enacting polices and laws that persecute “anti-government” protestors at times, but has taken strides to stop the affects of Climate Change.

Throughout time, it is evident, that these two places are vastly different in was that we may view society, but both are places that could use its people  to progress forward.


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