It is to my knowledge, that there are clear, undisputable variations in the appearances and genetic makeups of men across that world. The Negro man looks different in many ways than the white man, and those in the Far East have features that resemble no man from the western world.

I believe that we only may look at the moral character of man, in determining who shall prosper and transmit their characteristics upon future generations. The assertion that the white man is the most important and the most essential race of humankind is false under this guideline.

Many view the explorations, conquests, and spread of power and influence by the white man as commendable. I argue that those actions only expose all of the moral wrongness that the white man has committed against other races. The spread of European influence and territory came with murder, exploitation and slavery. This created an unfair hierarchy of man, a hierarchy created by moral wrongdoings by immoral men.

The basic division of earth is the moral and the immoral. There is one human species, but there are undeniably different races that have different colors, abilities and live in numerous geographic locations around the world. This however is not where the division lies. There are no races that are inherently better, nor superior. The only division lies within moral character, and history has certainly proven, that this places the white man very far behind other races of man.