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Not His Celebration

In the New York Times article, it is mentioned that President Trump has pointed out that the unemployment rate for black Americans has been the lowest since 1972. Trump has used Twitter to state the fact, but he does so in a way to brag that it is because of his presidency and policies that the rate has lowered. Trump has addressed this racial issue as if it is one of his main concerns to help increase the black employment rate. Meanwhile, there is no mention of any other race. It is as if only two races exist in the United States. I personally believe no one deserves credit for the recent statistic, but the hardworking people obtaining the jobs. In addition, it is quite clear that the unemployment rate for blacks has been in the work for years due to past history, however there is no need for Trump to act as if it is a celebration that he is responsible for.


  1. mcnealc

    I also did not appreciate how Trump bragged about that statistic, considering he has never sincerely tried to appeal or reach out to minority groups and help them.

  2. brodeenk

    I agree with Sarmiena’s response to this article. Trump does not deserve to take credit for this rate, rather it’s the hard-working people obtaining the jobs should be recognized. Rather than him taking credit, there should be an emphasis on this accomplishment. It also makes me wonder if other racial groups’ unemployment rates have also decreased. We should continue to improve these statistics for all groups to build a stronger, better economy.

  3. jimminkc

    I think this was just a way for Trump to say that supports the Black community. If the unemployment rate went up then he would have had another excuse for it in a different way.

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