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Immigration & Ethnics

“Once you are an immigrant, you never forget that you are one.” -Jorge Ramos


In today’s world, the topic of immigration is one of the top priorities because there is always movement amongst humans and when there are push and pulls factors then immigration will always been relevant. Immigration is a close subject in my life because my parents are immigrants. They chose to leave their homeland to create a new home in America. With my family’s ethnic background being Mexican, we are targeted as the focused immigration group to be a burden to America. My confusion only grows as I learn more about the history and stories of immigration, because I still do not comprehend people’s mockery of them. Why is there no escaping prejudice? Immigrants are always alienated for being different. There is never a common ground of appreciation to traveling to a new country in search of a better future. My family’s label as being immigrants will always be on that I will not forget.



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  1. My parents are also immigrants from Central America, who came to the U.S. looking to escape their harsh realities back home. What I feel that people forget in America is that we are all immigrants and that this country would not be what it is if it were not for all of us. Targeting a certain nationality is wrong and I think unfair because the Native Americans, the original people of America, do not go about targeting the European/whites for what they did and putting them on the news talking about sending them back to where they came from. This would be taboo, so therefore, the immigrant Whites of America should not do

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