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Slavery still exists.


Slavery. This word gives me chills. I find it incomprehensible that the ownership of other human beings was justified not all that long ago. I came across a very disturbing article, It’s the 21st century. Yet slavery is alive and well. Although the title is pretty self-explanatory, I felt obligated to read on. The article begins with a reference and a link to the State Department’s “Trafficking in Persons Report”. I encourage everyone who reads this post to please check it out. Although it is terrifying, it gives readers a glimpse at the large gap that still exists today between laws prohibiting slavery and the actual enforcement of them. There have been great strides in the effort to free those who are captive, and prosecute slave-owners. Organizations such as The International Justice Mission (IJM) focuses efforts on freeing women and children enslaved to brothels in Southeast Asia. “The prevalence of minor girls in the sex industry plummeted by more than 80 percent” (Burkhalter, 2017). Global grant-making foundations, funded by private investors and donor governments are being created. In doing so, the United States creates an opportunity for collaboration with governments in which slavery is still prevalent to rescue victims and put a stop to modern-day slavery.


  1. brodeenk

    I found this very insightful. Slavery exists in many forms today including forced labor, child labor and sexual exploitation. While this form goes unnoticed, it’s prevalent and impacts the lives of millions. Reading this post made me think of how interrelated sexual exploitation and human trafficking are to what female indentured laborers faced. Although we primarily discussed other forms of exploitation related to slavery and indentureships, sexual exploitation also played a role in it. With a low ratio, both men from their home country as well as the colonists abused them. These conditions are inhumane and disheartening.

  2. Lauren

    I agree with your statement that slavery does still exist. It’s true that there is a large gap that exists between laws prohibiting slavery and the actual enforcement of them. You’d think that there would be greater measures taken to enforce these laws but it’s clear that this is not the case. However, I like how your post ended on a positive note, as you talked about The International Justice Mission organization. It is very important that this organization is helping to free women and children enslaved to brothels in Southeast Asia. The United States collaborating with other governments to help stop modern-day slavery is a good step, but I believe that there needs to be bigger steps taken soon.

  3. sarmiena

    I have to agree and say slavery still exists in different forms and that is because it is done so unlawfully. In countries where the law is not enforced, it is difficult to bring an end to it, especially if there is corruption involved. However, if the United States is willing to collaborate with governments to stop the trafficking of humans, it should consider the countries where it is most prevalent. It is an issue that occurs all of the world, so countries should work together to not be afraid of dealing with this kind of horrible form of slavery or any type of slavery.

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