Discussing Race Outside of Class

Last night, I went out to eat with my boyfriend and I was telling him all the things I have learned in this class and in my Intro to Africana studies class. I shared with him how it was cheaper to work a slave to death and replace him than it was to keep him healthy and alive. We talked about how the constant kidnapping of Africans has caused so much damage to the continent of Africa that is still present today. It is disgusting to think about how even after 200 plus years, the European influence is still haunting the people. We also discussed the idea of reparations. Haiti had to pay France for many years, but we don’t see any Europeans countries paying back Africans countries. I wonder if the African countries would even want the money from their colonizers. I think it some ways those countries may be resistant because they don’t want to feel dependent on their colonizers ever again. Although those countries may be struggling economically, they may want to heal their country on their own. At the same time, I doubt that the European countries would have the moral instinct to repay Africa. More than anything, I think it is so important to have these conversations with our friends who aren’t actively taking classes like this. It is important for everyone to know this history.