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The story of Saheedan Ramroop is really that of a super-hero and brings up the invincibility of an East Indian woman who despite her inferiority status of a woman, brings change in her community. I think it is important to talk about figures like her in history because women like Didi and the impact that they have on their societies gets ignored for the simple fact that they are women, and also for the reason that history often revolves around the contributions of man. What really appeals to me in her story is that when gets offered the position of foreman, she rejects it even if it meant rejecting the opportunity of “living better” because this tells you that Didi was never about the money but about not abusing her own people, but rather protecting them and fighting for them. Didi put her ideals and her people’s happiness first, which is something that not everyone can do. She was special.


  1. brodeenk

    Like Yelda, I enjoyed reading the story of Didi. Didi tells a history that no book could explain. Her life was truly remarkable. She represents the harsh life and conditions of the time, however, rather than accepting this fate, she made the most of it. Her drive to make the community stronger and better prevails, placing the community’s well-being over her own. She was a mother, advocate for women’s and workers’ rights, and an all-round inspiration. Not enough history books acknowledge incredible community members like her.

  2. Bryana Barron

    Your blog post on Didi is beautiful. Women like Didi have a story but where not provided a platform like men especially of color. Didi’s narrator is important to continue to explore because she represents not only this modern woman but also a traditional passionate human being. More detail of how she challenged yet had solidarity to her culture would be more beneficial to this piece.

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