Immigrating to a new country can be terrifying, but continuously migrating back to where you’ve originated from during this journey can be even more frightening as both adapting and assimilating can prove even more difficult. In “The Ostrich”, written by Sudanese-born writer, Leila Aboulela, she informs readers of the difficulty of migrating given the cultural difference. “The Ostrich” tells of Sumra, a young, female, Sudanese-born student that studies abroad in London. The young woman migrates back and forth between her family who continues to reside in Khartoum with her Sudanese husband, Majdy, who resides in London.

I found this short story to be interesting because it emphasizes just how complex migrating into a new country can be for a person of color.  This story highlights the complexity of one’s culture and identity and the struggle to maintain or abandon it given new societal norms.

Here is the link to the text, I think you guys will enjoy it.