Observations and ideas about race, ethnicity and mixing.

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Hip Hop Desis

I found it interesting how Hip Hop Desis concluded with the idea of “the Black experience [being] foundational to race relations in the United States,” and how because of this, “South Asians in America must look to and learn from the perspectives of America’s racial other,” (283). In order to better understand how to navigate issues regarding social justice for everyone, it’s encouraged that South Asians should create solidarity, and learn the histories of different groups as a way to understand them. I agree, not only for South Asians, but for other non-black people of color – both who go through similar oppressive experiences, and just in general – that they should make an effort to understand the adversity that Black people go through. I think in doing so there would not only be a more well-built foundation for solidarity, but they would also be inspired by some of the movements that speak to justice for everyone, like Black Lives Matter.

Comparisons in Mississippi Masala

I thought the film “Mississippi Masala” was very interesting in that it highlighted some of the struggles that people of Indian descent faced from being displaced from Uganda, and having to start a new life in a foreign country like Britain or America. I also enjoyed watching how the different generations (Mina and her parents) handled the transition, as it reminded me of the other film “Coolie Pink and Green”, where the father wanted his daughter to stick to the traditions that they kept with them living in the Caribbean. It is somewhat similar to how Mina and her parents interacted; with her mother wanting her to marry the other Indian man, and her parents not being supportive of her going out with a black man. It was similar to how the protagonist from CPG wanted to be with a man of African descent, and her father did not approve either.

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