My Water Footprint

My water footprint came out to 1,278 Gallons (4,837 Liters) a day, opposed to the US Average of 1,802 Gallons a day. The majority of my consumption was virtual water, due to my large consumption of meat (I work at a BBQ joint) which accounted for over 900 gallons a day. My yearly one was calculated to be 865.9 cubic meters a year. To put my consumption into perspective, here is the per capita consumption of countries in the Levant in Liters per day.

  • Drew- 4,837
  • Jordan- 4,600
  • Israel- 6,300
  • Syria- 5,800
  • Palestine- 2,900
  • Lebanon- 5,800

I think one of the implications of this is that countries such as Palestine have to make sustainability a much larger priority than several other countries within the region. According to the calculator, I consume less water than the average American, and am fairly sustainable (minus meat) in my lifestyle. However, I still use more water than the average person in Palestine and Jordan. Maslow’s hierarchy of needs come to mind, as these countries will have to focus more on the basic necessity of water, while countries like Israel will be able to move higher up the latter in regards to improving living conditions of their citizens, creating a gap in lifestyle, and perhaps friction between cultures.

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