Technology Transfer to Support Climate Action.

The UNFCC stresses the importance of technology transfer in order to achieve the goals of the convention. It emphasizes the importance of this technology transfer between developed and undeveloped nations. This topic has received more recent attention as it is a vital way to cut Greenhouse gas admissions, yet due to conflict between countries as well as dominance countries may not always want to share technology.

In the Paris agreement there is a section on a framework for transferring technology. While this is still being developed by some countries it highlights the importance of transferring technology between countries.

The UNFCC also has a technology needs assessment (TNA) where it assesses which technologies that country needs. This assessment has been completed by 85 countries and many of these developing countries have created Technology Action Plans (TAP) which help them in the process of implementing which technologies they need.  From TNA’s many developing countries are able to prioritize which sectors they want to focus on. Below is chart that displays which sectors countries have wanted to prioritize.

It is clear that many countries are interested in energy and preserving agriculture and that is where much of the technology they want needs to come from.

The Global Environment Facility (GEF) helps to provide funding in these technology sharing situations. They have “taken on the long term implementation” of technologies to countries.

The UNFCC has been able to aid implementing technology in many countries by making people aware that it is possible. They were able to do this by highlighting it in the Paris Agreement. They also have a plan to figure out which technology needs to be focused on and how to fund many of these projects through the GEF. This is important because a lot of solutions to environmental issues can be solved through finding the technology. By having countries share this technology duplicate research will not be necessary. It will also help to close the gap that exists between access to resources in developing versus developed nations.

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