Briton Plaza as an aesthetic landscape

When viewing Briton Plaza as an aesthetic three main interaction most be considered. These include the presence of nature, the mark of history on the land, and the intersection between man and nature.

Nature can be seen on Briton in the open grass that faces Morgan Field. A plethora of trees and seasonal flowers is also present. On a clear day such as today, the warm sun beats down through the clouds. Birds can be seen chirping the trees, while squirrels hop from nut to nut.

The mark of history can be seen in two main ways. This includes the emblematic Dickinson College sea, that represents the historical background and values of the college.  Surrounding Briton Plaza are the buildings Waidner-Spahr Library, Biddle House, and the Holland Union Building (HUB). Each of these places hold their own unique story and value. The history of the plaza should also be considered. This is an area that student groups use to express ideas they feel passionate about.

Finally, when examining the local aesthetic, it is important to view the intersections between man and nature. This can be seen in students lounging and picnicking on the grass.  There are also solar panels present in front of the HUB, as man caputres the natural energy provided by the sun for personal usage. In a larger sense, every human interaction on Briton Plaza encompasses the natural landscape and humans.

Another analysis of aesthetics deals with the artistic features of a place. The colors of Briton Plaza include a variety of grays bricks, limestone walls, green leaves, red umbrellas, and black tables. A rainbow can be seen in the passengers through this place through bags, belongings, and clothing. The texture of Briton varies through the soft brick, the jagged limestone, and rough bark. Images of symmetry can be seen throughout. The patterns of brick surrounding the college seal provide an elegant image of symmetry.  Briton Plaza

Symmetry of the table pattern.



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