Observing a Scene

I am interpreting Britton Plaza through the lens as of a landscape as a habitat.  Britton plaza has been constructed to fit the exact needs of college students.  The space reflects the values of the group of students that attend Dickinson College.  The space has adequate seating that is set up in a social manner for college students to utilize.  The plaza has a seal at the center that serves as a symbol of the student’s shared bond through the institution.  Moreover there are outdoor plugs spread across the plaza so that students may enjoy the space and utilize their technology at the same time.  On the plaza students are enjoying their habitat by using their cell phones, doing work on their computers, eating and socializing.  On the sides of the plaza are several buildings, the hub, library and biddle house.  Each of these buildings serves a different purpose and was placed in this space to be easily accessible for the students.  These resources are here to provide them with places to learn, professionals to consult on various matters and food to eat.  On the plaza the Popel Shaw Center for Race and Ethnicity has a display setup to educate students on issues of neurological atypicality.  This is obviously an issue that the institution believes to be of importance.  The plaza is also strewn with markers of sustainability with the bike racks, solar panels, recycling bins and reusable water bottles on the students’ tables.  It is interesting to note what is absent from this landscape.  This habitat is set up for college students, there is practically no variation in the ages of the people utilizing this space.  Moreover the space has been carefully groomed, there is no sign of wildlife and it is highly doubtful that the plants in the space are native to the area.  This space is a habitat for college students and no one else.

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