OSMO Gimbal 3 for Phone

OSMO Gimbal 3 By DJI

User Manual

Video Tutorial

DJI Osmo Mobile 3

Basic Button Function

“M” Button

Power on: Press and hold until you hear a beep to enter or standby mode.

Power off: Press and hold until you hear two beeps.

Check battery level: When DJI Osmo Mobile 3 power off, press once to check the battery level.

Switch mode: When powered on, pres to switch between photo and video mode or enter or exit the quick menu.

Press twice to switch landscape an portrait mode.

Press three times to enter of exit stand by mode.

Notice: Landscape and portrait mode can also be switch by adjusting the phone holder directly.

Shutter Button instruction

Press once to take a photo or start or stop recording.

Press and hold for burs shooting when in photo mode.

Joystick instruction

Move vertically to tilt the mobile phone. Move horizontally to pan the mobile phone. The joystick control direction can be set in DJI Mimo.

Zoom Slide button instruction

Push up or down to zoom in or out.

Push the slider to the T position to enlarge the subject.

Push the slider to the W position to shrink.

Trigger instruction

Push and hold to enter lock mode. In lock mode, the gimbal will not follow the handle movements . Release to exit lock mode.

Press once: Start or stop ActiveTrack 3.0.(When ActiveTrack 3.0 is enabled DJI Mimo.)

Press twice: Recenter the gimbal. When using ActiveTrack 3.0, the gimbal will recenter to the center of the camera view.

Press three times: Switch between front and back camera.

Press once + hold on: Enter Sport mode. Release to exit. In Sport mode, the follow speed of the gimbal increase for capturing quick movements.

Notice: Press the M button, shutter button, and trigger simultaneously to reset the Bluetooth connection.

Install the optional  DJI Mimo Photo App

Search for ‘DJI Mimo’ on the App Store or Google Play, and install the app on your mobile phone
The Android version of DJI Mimo is compatible with Android v6.0 and later. The iOS version of
DJI Mimo is compatible with iOS v10.0 and later.
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