The First Provisional Government

Russia was going through great turmoil in the year of 1917. Pressure was increasing drastically for the Russian tsar, Nikolai II. The people of the nation demanded change and Nikolai could not provide it, drastic change had risen in the years before, culturally and socially. The people of Russia felt great pressure from the way things were being handled; the war had brought economics issues as well as a drastic loss of casualties. The abdication of Nikolai II was a move forward to the future where many thought life would prosper and the First Provisional Government was a critical/crucial opportunity to move forward into the future and to push forward the change that had began to rise years before. The first provisional government was truly beneficial to the social need at the time, Although the First Provisional Government only lasted about eight months, could have it been what the nation needed if it had ran longer, was the future of Russia on the right track with this kind of authority and government. This new government did offer what the people needed; it offered the type of change and innovation to a new way of life. The first cabinet to represent the public guaranteed freedom of speech, amnesty, the removal of restrictions on class, religion, and nationality, arrangement for a Constituent Assembly, a substitution for a people’s militia, and universal and equal elections. The continuation of the First Provisional Government could’ve opened many different doors to the people of Russia as well as a new and different future.

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  1. I concur with you that the first provisional government was an important first step in moving away from the previous mono chary system and provided social right reform that finally caught up with the times. One of the biggest principles on the list is the calling for the Constituent Assembly on the basis of universal, equal and direct suffrage and secret ballot, which in turn will determine the future government and constitution. This is of major importance because it means people get to vote on who makes up the Constituent Assembly and therefore have a say in how the new executive system will be formed. That is a drastically huge improvement in comparison to the previous monarchy system. Even the provisional government minsters were appointed by the State Duma Committee. I agree with you in that this provisional government had important reforms and individual right but it was never made to last so I would argue it couldn’t have.

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