Comte De Saint-Simon, The Incoherence and Disorder of Industry


Author:(1760-1825), Also known as Claude Henri de Rouvroy, comte de Saint-Simon was a French economist who challenged his nation’s traditional economic composition.  He believed that the economy should be strategically industrialized eather than run it a Laissez-faire manner.  This was one of the earlier writings advocating socialism.  His thinking that the common man was a hard worker demonstrates his positive reflxtion on human nature.

Context:  France had always had a capitalist economic structure.  Comte de Saint-Simon was a rising political figure in France.  He believed that it was more beneficial to society to fit the needs of the working class rather than the wealthy or “idle” class.  He felt that through an enlightened industrial class, products could be raised to fit the needs of the poor.  

Language: Comte de Saint-Simon uses a persuasive tone that is design to appeal to the reader’s sense of emotion.  He uses words that attempt to convice the audience that people should be hard workers dedicated to the betterment of society rather than their own interests.

Audience:  Saint-Simon is addressing the common people of France.  Wants to convince the majority of society that his new economic system is better than the old Laissez-fair system.  He realizes that the wealthiest class will not support his system so he does not attempt to reach them.  In fact, he even blames their own greed for the flaws in French society.

Intent:  The essay is intended to create support for his alternative to France’s existing economic structure.  He intends to spread his belief in the common man’s hardworking nature to the middle class in French society.  He believes this composition as opposed to the existing capitalist structure would raise the standard of living for society.  Likewise, he realizes that if his political system is implemented, he will likely be viewed as the face of French economics.

Message:  The message of the essay is that society be tailored around the working man.  He asserts that the working class is the cornerstone of the economy, however, the elite, or idle class, benefits the most from it.  He advocates an economy that is based around virtues rather than the cut-throat nature of capitalism and he believes that it would make society better as a whole.



2 thoughts on “Comte De Saint-Simon, The Incoherence and Disorder of Industry

  1. Good use of the ACLAIM method! After reading about Claude Henri de Rouvroy in the author section, I was able to have a better understanding of the context in which he wrote this documents. I agree that the working class is the cornerstone of the economy and one of the most important parts.

  2. I also agree that the working class is the key component of the economy and that it is often undervalued. I find it really interesting how he is writing to support the working class when many people at this time did not really care so much about the rights of working class citizens. Also, I think that as you mention, his persuasive tone is really beneficial in helping to convince his intended audience of his beliefs. Sometimes when people argue they tend to assume that they are right and assume others will agree with them, but he is clear in that he wants to convince others rather than just hoping they will follow him. I believe that you did a really good job analyzing this document!

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