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This mini investigation explores our natural inquisitiveness about people and their personal space. When we meet a person at a certain point we begin to wonder where and how he or she lives. The reverse situation is also true: we see a room and intuitively try to understand who dwells in it. We imagine to ourselves the owner of this space, draw an imaginary portrait and then compare the expected with the reality.

Russian life draws a sharp boundary between personal and communal spaces. Russians are used to this contrast, but it can confuse the unprepared foreigner. To paraphrase Mikael Epshtein, we can way that the borderlines between “public” and “private” spaces are distorted compared to the usual European standards (categories): “the first is much harsher and colder, and the last is warmer and heartier”.

In this project I wanted to get behind the closed doors of Russian houses, to become an insider. On the one hand it was important for me to take a maximally abstract picture of the room’s interior, and on the other hand I wanted to emphasize the connection between the person and the place where he or she spends a significant part of their time.

winter in Moscow 1   winter in Moscow 2   winter in Moscow 3


Winter Workdays of a Hunter (+Audio) the room of a hunter Young Snail Enthusiast (+Audio) a Young Snail Enthusiast's room More than a Scholar (+Audio)
a Scholar's room
Garage Workshop
Garage Workshop
When the World is so Young… a babys room Occupation? Migrant worker. a room of a Migrant worker
British by Birth, Orthodox by Confessiona British man's room A Strict Building Guard (+Audio) a house Guard's dwelling Almost Russian  an Almost Russian room
My House is My Planet (+Audio) a countryside background The Dreamer (+Audio) a pretty room Countryside Liberty (+Audio) a Countryside house
The Carefree Life of a Law Student
Soviet Economist
Retired Chemist
Watermelon Seller
Speech Therapist
The Brit
Police Officer
Resident Hippy
Russian Skvo
Young Tartar
Assistant Professor
Younger Sister
College Graduate
School Girl
Free Artist
Vet Studentваря_1_2 Neglecting Moscow
The End of Career
Tadjik Workerzhor_01 A Close Familydeti_4
New Hometa_b_01 A Young Footballerpersandroom_011 American Dreamol_b_02
Apple Treessv_b_01_3


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