Blog Post 4


Overall I have been aware of the bias that MENA media has put forth throughout their history however studying it and researching it in depth has changed my perspective as to how American media differs completely. It was surprising finding out the structure, funding, and purpose for Al-Jazeera has on MENA media and it has given me a new appreciation for it. State TV is controlled by governments and provides information that governments want their citizens to hear however it is not the truth. Religious preferences, and implemented news that potrays only the information that the authoritarian government finds important rather than what actually is important gives citizens the wrong idea and no creative freedom.

I don’t think it has necessarily affected my relationship with mass media for a couple reasons. For one, I judge American media. I think that each and every news station is to bias rather than showing all perspectives on all news stations. Al-Jazeera allows people to call in, they got many experts who portray many different facts and opinions, and allows viewership to form their own opinions. On stations such as CNN, Fox News, Etc, really make sure their viewership gets opinions on similar views. I have found a new respect for Al-Jazeera and the way they approach giving out the news. although MENA media is untrustworthy and extremely bias, it is a blessing that they have some sort of media that portrays the truth.

I think in the future social media is and will be so important in receiving news. You can get news in the blink of an eye and you have the freedom to say whatever you want and see whatever you want. Governments in the MENA region do have internet restrictions however it is hard to think that they can continue to restrict internet access when everyday, more and more ways to get around censorship becomes available including VPN’s, private browsers etc. Researching MENA media has caused me to think about mass media differently and I appreciate the freedom we have in America much more now that I am researching this type of media more in depth.


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