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  • Blog Post 7

      In my opinion although the freedom to express your religious views and opinions are fundamental and essential to a free and a fair world, as well as free and fair media, religion can portray a lot of negative perspectives that won’t necessarily sway people in a healthy and positive direction. As someone who considers […]

  • Blog Post 6

    In discussing COP27, this year was especially interesting because of the extreme weather issues that have been occurring world wide and in this case the US. 6 years ago, the Paris agreements were set in place and were looking toward keeping the global warming trend to 1.5 degrees celsius. The president of the UK however, […]

  • Blog Post 5

      When considering this blog response I think of a couple things. 1) Neutrality. I am a strong believer in media companies being neutral and honest (as most people are) yet to many media companies pick a side that they think they viewers will prefer and therefor continue watching. For this example I would like […]

  • Blog Post 4

      Overall I have been aware of the bias that MENA media has put forth throughout their history however studying it and researching it in depth has changed my perspective as to how American media differs completely. It was surprising finding out the structure, funding, and purpose for Al-Jazeera has on MENA media and it […]

  • Blog Post #3

    For this weeks blog post I would like to discuss a news article about a new agreement occurring among India, Israel, the UAE, and the US. I2U2 is said to improve efforts to contain China’s influence in Asia and the Middle East – an effort made by the US especially to establish ties between allies […]

  • Post #2: Research Questions and Media in the UAE

    To begin it is important to state what exactly I am going to be focusing on when it comes to the media in the UAE. I will be looking at the link between politics/government and media regulation, censorship and propaganda because of the specific circumstances that surround the UAE. Before getting into that, it is […]

  • Introduction to the United Arab Emirates – Julian Schlesinger

    Above this text is a map of the United Arab Emirates. The United Arab Emirates or the “UAE” is located in the Middle East and shares borders with Oman and Saudi Arabia. The system of government in The UAE is a federal presidential elective constitutional monarchy. This is made of seven monarchies — Abu Dhabi, […]

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