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In my opinion although the freedom to express your religious views and opinions are fundamental and essential to a free and a fair world, as well as free and fair media, religion can portray a lot of negative perspectives that won’t necessarily sway people in a healthy and positive direction. As someone who considers themselves an atheist (even though I am Jewish)  religion has led a lot of people throughout history in a really wrong and disgraceful direction. Religion to me throughout man kind has never been about finding peace and god, but more so used to control the public by the church and state. Discrimination, violence, inequality, lack of freedom of expression, are just some of the views that certain religions (especially highly regarded and followed ones) tell their followers to live by. In reality, we have no idea what religion is, and what it actually means. Regulation of religious expression can be seen as a positive especially in MENA countries because a lot of the conflict that has occurred is done through religious views that can be controlled by the state.

I think it is naive of me to assume that freedom of expression as well as freedom of religion will occur world wide within the next 50 years. I do think a good argument towards regulation of religious expression could be that if regulated, perspectives will be more centralized, hopefully causing less conflict and more agreement overall. Again it is hard to assume that this is what would occur rather then outrage as to why some people cannot support their chosen religion. As stated before, I believe there is also a lot of conflict due to differing opinions in religion and if regulated, a new generation of more agreeable opinions will form. It is also important to understand that when regulations occur, in order to see change, time needs to go by in order to see adaptation. When it comes to is there an ideal amount of regulation, I would say their should be a minimal amount of it. Although there is no right amount of regulation that can occur, limiting people to a few perspectives is not really the way that humans work and eventually people will become frustrated with the fact that there is more in this world that they cannot experience. Especially with social media, and the way information travels overall, it is really hard to have strict regulations on any sort of media because people will find out.

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