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When considering this blog response I think of a couple things. 1) Neutrality. I am a strong believer in media companies being neutral and honest (as most people are) yet to many media companies pick a side that they think they viewers will prefer and therefor continue watching. For this example I would like to talk about the U.S. because of the vats amount of media conglomerates that exist in this country. I do in fact prefer CNN in regards to news because I feel that their journalists and anchors are highly educated and support the facts and the portray the correct message. Although they are biased, they are biased in the way that our country should be. I would look at MSNBC as well because of the financial aspect that they include while also pertaining to a “neutral” image. All I want out of the media is information that will lead me to the correct opinion. Too many news sites allow for people to absorb the wrong type of information that leads to discrimination and citizenry bias.

I would say that in 2016 we were in a period of radical uncertainty. With Donald Trump leading the charge in this instance, our country was not sure how the future would end up due to the aggressive nature that our former president showed while in office. Aggressive in terms of not really creating any sort of international treaties and peace but instead focused on only our country and how we can be better than others. In times of uncertainty we will learn that it isn’t about individual success but really the goal of humanity should be to make global peace and work together in unison. With the world being smaller than ever in terms of the ability to communicate to anyone and everyone around the world whether it is through texts, social media, phone calls, etc. I turned to CNN and news sights that I knew had educated and well informed hosts to provide me with the information I feel is most helpful in my understanding of the world and politics. I do still think that as of right now, we do not have the correct news program that portrays totally neutral information. Skewing left or right it doesn’t;t matter, there is not a truly neutral media program and this is an issue.

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  1. I believe that neutrality is a dying quality in this age of media too. I would like to ask you more about how you would identify citizenry bias. Thanks!

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