Amy Woolf

Amy is a Sophomore Biology Major at Dickinson College. She has been an intern at the Dickinson College Biodiesel Shop since Spring of 2009. She is currently one of the Learning Community Coordinators for the Environment and Sustainability Freshman Learning Community located in Davidson Wilson Dorm. She is on the Dickinson Equestrian Team and was Captain for the Fall 2009 Semester.

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  3. Amy Wolf is an associate professor of English and director of the Dickinson Writing Center. A member of IATEFL (the International Association for Teachers of English as a Foreign Language), she has served on the organization’s Executive Committee, co-chaired its annual conference in 1997, and chaired its Special Interest Group on Teaching Business Communication and Aussie Essay writers as well. Her research interests include rhetoric and composition pedagogy, professional writing, how people learn to read and write in non-native language contexts, and teacher education.

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